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Question: Should I add robots follow Meta tag to my pages?
My chiropractor said that I should add a "robots follow" tag on all the pages of our site in order for it to be spidered deeply by the search engines. She also said that I should put the "revisit after" tag on as well, to let the bots know how often they should stop by. What do you think?
The default for all search engine spiders is to automatically follow the links that it finds on any given page, which makes any "robots follow" tag redundant. If you *don't* want the search engine spider to follow the links, you can try the "no follow" tag, but it may or may not be obeyed by all robots.

Question: How to get Instant web traffic?
If you are looking for instant traffic go for Paid Search Campaign
Question: What is the tool for checking back link?
Answer:Use this one : Hi! You could try using this tool

Question: Do you bookmark your own article. If so, do you do in on all the large bookmarking sites?
Answer: social book marking will help your article get traffic and it will also get it indexed quickly by google, a good social book mark site is dig

Question: Which article submission services are good? Is there any good practice to follow when writing?
Answer: Article writing and submission is most effective way to get quality backlinks and traffics. If you want to promote your site and want to take good amount of traffics through your articles then you should write and submit articles regular because link building has not any limitation.

Question: What are the Value of Link Pages and Reciprocal Links?
Hi,When I had my e-commerce site redesigned I chose not to have a links page on it because I was led to believe that reciprocal links have the effect of cancelling one another out.It was suggested that I needed to focus more on gaining high quality, non-reciprocal inbound links from sites with similar and relevant content.However, most of the sites I request links from are asking for a reciprocal link and I can understand why.Should I reconsider adding a links page to my website?Is it worth adding a links page if quality sites will only link to me in exchange for a reciprocal link?No doubt, non-reciprocal high quality links are the best things you can achieve, but they are not as easy to get.And as for the other webmasters asking a link from you first, why do you forget that you are the one who approached them with a request, its their right to ask for a link can give link backs to the one's whom you find beneficial with regards to some factors such as relevancy, good pr, and an overall good website.

Question: Is it anyway to find out where our competitions link their’s web pages' URLs?
link: command in google also works, but google doesnt show all the back links. yahoo may be a better place if you want to see all backlinks.

Question: It seems that writing articles and submitting them to free article submission sites has become a standard practice. Is there a good submission strategy?
Answer: I have used the following website for a few article submissions and thought they offered a good service;

Question: Is there anyone to say should I put aside posting comments on blogs and forget it? Is it enough to just continue submission? Or maybe something else is coming?
Answer: There is an advantage to blog posting and forums etc, but you should not really rely on this as your main source of backlinks. Many people here would consider blog posting etc almost worthless as the links are no follow, and often are from low PR sites.

Question: How can i increase site fast in Google?
Answer: Create link building on site main keyword. Every time used good PR website/blog. Do Use only in Relavant content, category and theme. Many way increase link building on your website target keyword. (1) Three way Link exchange. (2) Reciprocal Link exchange. (3) Directory Submission (4) Forum posting (5) Comments Posting (6) Blog creation (7) Blog Promotion (8) RSS submission.

Question: How will site "A" get a higher PR?
Answer: Pagerank is only about the PR of the linking page and the number of outbound links on that page.

Questions: what's the keywords length used for website optimization and also tags.And Descripation and title length.
Answer: And if you're asking how long your meta keyword tag should be, it doesn't matter cuz it won't help you get any targeted traffic.And if you're asking how long your Meta descriptions and Title tags should be, the answer is as long as they need to be. I like a sentence or two for Meta descriptions (but they can actually be even longer), and about 11-12 words in my Title tags.
Question: Do you want to secure a top ranking in search engine result pages (SERP)?

Question:What is the significance of Meta Title Tag?
Answer: Amongst the three major Meta tags (Meta Title Tag, Meta Keywords Tag, Meta Description Tag) the Title Tag is one which is given the most weight by search engines' algorithms. In fact, this tag should be written so that it should give the idea about your site instantly. A perfect written Title tag can generate quick and appreciable traffic to your site. The text written in this tag appears as clickable text in the search engine result page (SERP) and if it is really meaningful and conveys most about the web page, more clickthroughs will be the result.
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